Do LTL Companies Have Any Restrictions?

“Before we sign up to use any LTL trucking outfit, we need to know¬† if there are any restrictions on what LTL companies will carry” This is a very typical question for first time users, the answer is that what a carrier will or will not carry is entirely up to the individual company. While some of the carriers listed through us are very restrictive on what they will carry, others will carry anything.

LTL Companies Will Carry Anything as Long as They Are Certified to Carry It

With LTL companies you will find that just as with the FTL companies, both the companies and the drivers must be certified to carry certain types of hazardous materials. If you are planning to ship anything that is considered as hazardous under federal regulations, we will work with you to help you find a carrier that is certified to carry the type of products you need to ship.

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