How Do I Arrange to Have My LTL Freight Shipment Picked Up?

“I run a small business that makes a lot of shipments all over the country, but we never make any that are big enough to take up an entire truck. We have heard about LTL shipping, but we need to know to arrange for an LTL freight shipment.” As you known an LTL freight shipment is one that is more than 100 pounds and less than 10,000 pound and will only occupy a portion of a truck.

We Can Connect You with a Company That Can Handle Your LTL Freight Shipment

Find companies that are willing to take on an LTL freight shipment can be a very time consuming task.  When you don’t have this kind of time or have no idea where to turn, you can count on us to help connect you with freight companies that specialize in carrying smaller load and delivering them to practically any address in the country.

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