Will My Shipment End Up Being Stranded If I Use LTL Carriers?

Many companies are under the opinion that if they use LTL carriers to handle their shipping, there is a high risk of it being left to sit in a warehouse or on a loading dock forgotten. While there is a possibility that your shipment might spend some time sitting in a warehouse waiting for the next truck headed towards its final destination, this does not mean it will spend weeks in limbo.

Although the LTL carriers in the network at LTL Freight Shipping may not be able to guarantee your delivery date; this does not mean it will not be delivered in a reasonable amount of time. The thing you have to remember is that your freight shipment will be moved on down the line between trucks on the way to being delivered. It is quite normal for a shipment to transfer between trucks as this is the reason why LTL shipping is a very affordable form of shipping and is preferred amongst small to medium businesses that typically ship loads under 10,000 pounds and less than six pallets.

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