How Quickly is My LTL Shipping Going to be Moved?

How Quickly is My LTL Shipping Going to be Moved?

Very few companies can afford delays in getting their shipments delivered to their clients and before they hire an LTL shipping company, they need to know how quickly their freight is likely to be moved from pick up to delivery. Unlike when you hire the whole truck and driver, with LTL shipping you are only renting a portion of the space in the trailer as such your shipment is likely to be bundled with others heading the same destination.

Because LTL shipping uses this bundled shipping method, your freight is likely to spend some time sitting in a terminal waiting for the next truck headed on the way to your shipment’s final destination. Your load could also end up being the last one in the truck to be delivered and this can also delay your shipment. At LTL Freight Shipping we have a network of freight carriers who do their best to get your freight delivered on time, but there are no guarantees.

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