Does LTL Trucking Cost More?

A question that often comes up when we have new clients contact us for the first time is whether LTL trucking is going to cost them more than hiring a complete truck or finding a courier service to transport their shipments. The reality is that everyone is watching their budgets very carefully, which makes this a very important question and at the same time an easy one for us to answer.

An LTL Trucking Company Only Charges You for Your Part of the Load

Any time that you send out a shipment using an LTL trucking company, you will only be paying for the weight the actual weight and destination of your freight, unlike using an FTL trucking company where you are paying for the whole truck even if you are only using a portion of it. This makes it easy to see why contacting us for your shipping needs makes good financial sense. Not only can we save you money, we can get your freight delivered anywhere in the country.

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