Is LTL Shipping Your Best Choice?

When you own a business that is responsible for shipping your products to a wide range of customers, you must be able to find affordable shipping. It does no matter whether you or your customers are responsible for paying the costs you need to keep the rates as low as possible. When your shipments are less than 10,000 pounds and 6 pallets or fewer LTL shipping might turn out to be your best choice.

LTL Shipping Charges You for the Space You Use

One of the reasons that LTL shipping is so affordable is that the carriers only charge you for the space your shipment takes in the truck, the weight and the distance that your shipment will be traveling. You never end up paying for what you do not use, which helps keep your shipping costs to a minimum. If this sounds like the kind of shipping your company needs to be using, contact us onlineand let us connect you with our nationwide network of LTL freight carriers so that you can start saving money on your shipping.

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