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LTL Shipment

When you are involved in a business where you require shipping services to transport or delivery goods needed by your company, it is important to understand the different options you have for shipping it to the desired destination. This can help you decide for the best shipping method to use base on the quantity or volume of the goods to be transported or the urgency of its shipping. When you consider using trucking services, there are two types of shipping services available and these are LTL shipment and FTL shipment.LTL shipment is less than truck load while FTL is full truck load. LTL shipping means that the contents of the cargo truck belong to several clients who while FTL trucks only has one client regardless of the contents of the truck. When you ship your goods using LTL trucking, the truck will be transported full but you can only use as much space as possible as required by the number or volume of the goods you wish to transport.

The remaining space will be provided to other clients of the trucking company that also need to move their cargo to the same direction where your own cargo is headed. So even if it means less than truckload, the truck will still be running full and it can be translated into big savings for small companies because the entire cost of the shipment will be divided between several clients and will not be singlehandedly shouldered by your company.
The cost effective means provided by an LTL shipment is one of the reasons why a lot of companies often resort to this shipping method although it could take longer for the delivery to arrive. Anything that is over 100 to 150 pounds will be too heavy for regular parcel or courier service and it will be far too expensive to divide the cargo into smaller packages just to accommodate the required weight limitation.

On the other hand, cargoes that have less than ten thousand pounds in weight is also impractical for FTL shipment. So for cargoes with in between these weights, shipping it via LTL tricking is the most practical option.
The only disadvantage with transporting cargo via LTL shipment is the period of time before the cargo can reach its destination. But this will only be a great concern if you are about to reach the upper limits of weights for LTL shipping. If not the price difference for FTL shipping is far too expensive. But some people who are near the limited weight classes often upgrade to FTL because shipments can be delivered much faster. With FTL shipments, trucks are often delayed by a lot of stops to load and unload cargo when delivering other freights to different customers.But in general, LTL shipment is more advantageous when it comes to cost efficiency as compared to parcel or courier delivery. With a guarantee for the security of all your good during transit, you are sure that all your goods will arrive in the destination in perfect shape.

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