Do LTL Freight Carriers Limit the Size of Their Loads?

Most people seem to understand the concept of LTL freight, however from time to time, the question still seems to come up regarding what size limits, if any, there are on these types of shipment. As general rule of thumb, you will find that each carrier has their own set of rules they apply as to the sizes of shipments they are willing to carry in their trucks.

Some LTL Freight Carriers Will Carry Bigger Shipments

You will find that there are a few basic guidelines that most carriers tend to work within when it comes to LTL freight. These limits are from 100 to 10,000 pounds in weight and from one or more boxes up to six pallets. You will find that some carriers will carry loads as high as 20,000 pounds, but you should always check with any carrier. We can help you find a carrier that is willing to carry your particular load, in many cases even if it goes outside the standard limitations.

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