Things You Should Be Looking for in LTL Carriers

As there are so many different LTL carriers on the highways and byways today, you might find it hard to decide which of them is going to give you the best service at prices that are going to be well within your shipping budget. You should be looking at each company’s reputation for getting your deliveries to their destinations within a reasonable amount of time. While it is true that no LTL carrier can guarantee delivery times, there is no reason why you should not expect reasonable transit times and many companies offer this.

You should also take a good look at each of the LTL carrier’s claims to damage ratio as this gives you a good idea of how much they are going to pay in the event that your freight is damaged while in their hands. The industry standard is about 1.25 to 1.3%. For help finding top quality carriers to handle our LTL freight needs, contact LTL Freight Shipping and let us help you find the right carrier for your shipments.

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