Things You Need to Do Before an LTL Carrier Will Pick up Your Shipment

As you start to prepare a shipment for your LTL carrier to pick up and transport for you, there are certain things you will need to do. First you need to ask the carrier exactly how they want you to package your shipment. Some have special requirements and you need to know up front what they are. You must label each package in the shipment clearly and have the labels displayed in easy to read locations.

All of Our LTL Carrier Companies Require a Bill of Lading

All of the LTL carrier companies we have in our network are going to require you to submit a bill of lading and the contents of your shipment must match exactly what your bill of lading states. Even the slightest error can cause your shipment to be delayed while everything is straightened out. Check with each carrier to see what their special requirements are up front and you should never have any problems.

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