Will an LTL Carrier Carry Hazardous Cargo?

While most companies never have to worry about shipping anything that would normally be considered as hazardous cargo, there are those that do so on a regular basis. For these companies, the question arises as to whether or not they are going to be able to find an LTL carrier that is willing to carry hazardous cargo and deliver it to anywhere in the country.

The easy answer to this is that the ability to carry hazardous cargo has nothing to do with whether the company in question is an LTL carrier or an FTL carrier. Instead it is based solely on the particular carrier in question and whether or not they are licensed to carry this type of cargo and if they employ drivers with the appropriate licenses. If you need a carrier that can handle this type of cargo, contact us here at LTL Freight Shipping and let us find one for you.

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