How Long Can We Expect Our LTL Freight to Sit During Transit?

If you plan to use LTL freight carriers to take care of your smaller shipments, you may have heard stories of these shipments spending days on end in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere waiting on a carrier that is going in the right direction. These stories can be enough to scare a company into paying far too much for their shipping by paying for a full truck load, even when the trailer will never be full.

LTL Freight Can End Up Spending Some Time Sitting

Although you may find that your LTL freight ends up sitting in a warehouse waiting for the next truck headed in the right direction, this does not mean that your freight will gather a thick coating of dust before moving on. To help with this we have created a network of carriers that work together to ensure that your shipment will spend as little time as possible sitting and as much time as possible on the road to its destination.

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