Why Is It So Hard to Find an LTL Trucking Company in My Phone Book?

If you have been looking in your local yellow pages for LTL trucking companies and having no success finding any, it may not be that there are none listed. Instead it is more likely to be the case that most trucking companies are not listed this way, you may end up having to call one number after another until you find one that handles LTL freight.

Of course this is going to work great as long as you can afford to spend what might equate to several hours thumbing through your phone book and then calling every number you come across. It only gets worse when you try to compare rates to get the most affordable shipping. You can eliminate all of this hassle by contacting LTL Freight Shipping; we have access to a coast to coast network of LTL trucking companies and can give an online quote in seconds for your shipping needs.

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