Why Can’t I Find LTL Carriers Listed in My Phone Book?

If you have been looking in your phone book for LTL carriers and coming up empty handed, it may not be because there aren’t any listed. The problem is more likely to be that this is the way they are listed in the phone book. In many cases LTL freight is handled by specific divisions of large FTL trucking companies and they simply do not bother to list these services separately.

However, rather than searching the phone book in vain for LTL carriers, there is a much better way to get the job done. You will find that by using the Internet and an LTL brokerage service, you can get freight quotes from a number of carriers in your area that you may never have found any other way. The best part of using a brokerage service is that the companies they will refer you to have all been thoroughly vetted for cost, quality and customer service ratings.

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