Explain Zone Skipping with Regard to LTL Shipping

Generally speaking, you will find that LTL shipping companies and common parcel carriers operate in direct competition with each other. With this in mind, you will find that there are times when a shipping company may use them together. It works like this, you hire an LTL carrier to your shipment as far as the state where your client is located and then it will be switched to a parcel carrier service for final delivery. This is what is known a zone skipping and not all trucking services will do this as they see it as a conflict of interest.

If you need this kind of service you will find that the carriers in our network at LTL Freight Shipping can help you take advantage of this type of service. If you use this service properly, zone skipping can help you get your products delivered to your customers in a very timely fashion instead of trying to rely solely on the LTL shipping companies to carry them from your loading docks to their final destination.

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