Why Can’t I Get A Confirmed Delivery Date?

“Why is it that when I contract for shipment with LTL companies, none of them I have tried will give a confirmed delivery date?” The reason that most of the more reputable LTL shippers are loath to give out any type of exact delivery date is quite simple. Because your shipment is likely to be transferred from one truck to another on the way to its final destination, it may have to sit for short periods of time waiting for the connecting truck.

What you will find is that if you use reputable LTL companies like those in our network at LTL Freight Shipping, is that while they are not going to give you an exact date for your delivery, they will give an approximate date that will be very close. In most cases, you will find that the money you save on the cost of shipping is worth the little bit of uncertainty when it comes to pinning down a delivery date.


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