Will the Carrier I Hire Be the Only One to Carry My LTL Shipment?

When I hire an LTL trucking company to carry my LTL shipment or will it be handled by several different carriers before it reaches its destination? It really depends on what you are shipping, where it is going and what type of shipping arrangements you have made with the carrier. In most cases your shipment will be carried by one company from your docks to your customer.

However, there are times when you may need to make arrangements for an over the road carrier to deliver your shipment to the nearest local depot and then use a local carrier to make the final delivery. This is known in the business as zone skipping and while not all carriers will do this, you will find that if necessary LTL Freight Shipping can help you find carriers that will work with you in any way they can to make sure your load is delivered.


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