Can I Get an LTL Carrier to Deliver My Goods to Private Homes?

“The vast majority of my shipments are bound for my customers’ homes and I need to know if the LTL carrier you recommend will make this type of delivery”. This is a valid concern and one that many business that have never used LTL carriers before express. You will find that this is one of the biggest advantages of using this type of carrier service.

At LTL Freight Shipping we have developed a nationwide network of LTL carrier companies that will not only transport your small loads of 100 to 10,000 pounds and less than six pallets, but has no problem delivering them to almost any address in the country. This is an important service that for many years took not only a long distance carrier, but a local delivery service for the final leg of the journey and cost far too much. Using an LTL carrier can save you significantly on the cost of your shipping no matter where it is going.


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