Are There Size and Weight Limits to LTL Freight?

For those who have never used any kind of LTL freight service, one of the first questions that come up concerns whether or not there are size and weight limits with this type of shipping. Although you are going to find that each carrier may have their own limits, there is a basic format that most LTL shippers follow as way to keep costs down and the number of happy customers up.

The most commonly accepted LTL freight guidelines call for a single shipment to be between 100 and 10,000 pounds, although some carriers go as high as 20,000 pounds. At the same time the load should contain no more than six pallets in size. For more information on LTL load sizes, contact LTL Freight Shipping and let one of our trained agents help explain how the system works and help you find carriers that will fit in with your needs.

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