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Ltl Trucking

LTL trucking carriers help provide services for companies and people by providing LTL freight shipping. LTL means less than truckload and smaller companies often find that they have merchandise, inventory and other freight that needs shipped that will not fill an entire truck. Rather than having to pay the expense for an entire truckload a company can utilize LTL carriers instead. People also use LTL carriers when they need to ship large items that traditional carrier do not handle, like car engines.LTL trucking carriers take and combine multiple shipments from as many customers as needed to create a complete truckload. Once the truck is full the freight is shipped from terminal to terminal. By combining several customers LTL shipments into one large truckload shipment LTL carriers are able to divide the cost for the entire truckload by the number of customers. This provides a savings for companies since they were able to share this expense.LTL trucking carriers can also be arranged for trade shows and conventions where several companies will be setting up display booths.

For these types of LTL freight shipments, the LTL carrier will ship the truckload to the location hosting the event, and at the conclusion of the event pick up everything that was delivered. If there are several companies in one city that will be setting up display booths, this allows them to share the costs of moving the freight and provides a savings for everyone involved. Other special LTL shipments that can be arranged with LTL trucking carriers are freight shipments from business to business, business to home, home to business, home to home, terminal to business, terminal to home, business to terminal and home to terminal. Arrangements can also be made in advance for the use of lift gate if needed. There may be an additional fee for the use of these services and the LTL carrier will let a company know what they are when preparing a quote.LTLFreightShipping,, provides LTL trucking carrier services by partnering with over 40 of the nation’s leading LTL carriers to offer affordable freight shipping at a substantial savings for its customers.

As a result of their relationships with the LTL carriers, they are able to pass along savings to their customers. In addition to offering LTL shipping, they also offer complete truckload freight shipping with premier truckload providers and pass any savings along to the customers as well.LTLFreightShipping offers an easy to use online interface for repeat customers, where they can request quotes as well as schedule and track shipments. They work to make the LTL freight shipping process as painless and transparent as possible for their customers. They make sure to track orders from the point they leave the terminal until they reach their final destination. Customers can obtain a free quote by going online to LTLFreightShipping’s website and completing the online form, or calling an account representative at 888.679.9907. Questions about LTL trucking carrier services offered can be answered by either phoning or using the online chat feature.


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