LTL Trucking Companies Are Used to Ship Smaller Loads

When the vast majority of your business has always been large shipments that require the use of a full truck and trailer to haul them, you might find yourself at a loss when you start to get smaller orders. The last thing you can afford to do is send out a small load in a half empty trailer as you are still paying for the whole truck. With LTL trucking companies you are paying for your shipment based on weight and destination.

We Can Help Find the Right LTL Trucking Companies

If you have never had to use LTL trucking companies before, you should not start looking for them in the phone book unless you like to play Russian roulette with your shipments. Rather than taking this kind of risk with your merchandise, let us connect you with one of our prescreened carriers so that you know you are not only getting the best price, but you will be getting the best service for all of your smaller shipments.

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