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Businesses and people have different shipping needs when they want to move merchandise, ship packages, ship freight, or move inventories through supply chains. Depending on the size of the business, it may not have established relationships with any one particular carrier or could rely on multiple carriers for its shipping needs. There may even be a need for less than truckload (LTL) shipping services. Finding carriers to handle a business’ shipping needs can be time consuming and the rates quoted may not always be the best available. LTL shipping is freight shipments that are usually less than 6 standard pallets or may contain loose packages, and weighs less than 10,000 pounds. This type of shipping process involves using a LTL carrier to consolidate shipments from multiple sources until there is a complete truckload. The freight is then shipped from one terminal to another terminal. LTL shipping offers an affordable solution for businesses that have a need to ship LTL freight, regardless of the frequency when compared to using traditional common carriers.LTL carriers may even offer special options including home and business shipments and the use of lift gates for delivery and

pick-up, as well as delivery and pick-up services for trade shows and conventions.LTLFreightShipping,, offers LTL shipping services utilizing over 40 of the nation’s leading freight carrier to provide afford rates and substantial savings to its customers. LTLFreightShipping was founded on the principle of establishing a more efficient and cost-effective means of LTL freight shipping. They have partnered with the most reputable LTL carriers to transport their customers’ freight.In addition to having these established relationships with LTL carriers, LTLFreightShipping offers a simple and easy to use web interface for its repeat customers, where they can log into their personal account to generate a quote, as well as schedule and track shipments. LTLFreightShipping focuses on making the LTL shipping process for its customers.

The best part of LTLFreightShipping is their discounted LTL carrier rates which are the result of the established relationships. Rather than profits from the discounts they receive from these carriers, they pass the savings along to their customers. They also offer discount freight shipping for complete truckloads.In order to receive a quote from LTLFreightShipping, a customer just needs to access their website and complete the online form. The only information that must be provided to receive a quote is the shipping zip code, the destination zip code, the weight of the freight and the freight class; however, providing as much information as possible will result in a more accurate quote. If there are extra services needed like a lift gate, the type of shipment needed, and the quantity of items being shipped, these will assist the account representative. If a customer has questions or is not sure how to fill out the online form for LTL shipping that is not a problem. There is live online chat available, or a customer can call 888-679-9907 and speak with an account representative or even send an email to with any questions, concerns or special shipping needs regarding freight shipments.

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