Should You Be Using LTL Freight Shipping?

When you start looking over your shipping manifests, you find that 95% of your shipments are sent out on a single pallet. The other 5% of them go out on two or at the most three pallets. The next thing you look at is your shipping costs and the numbers are rather scary; you are spending far too much for each shipment. If this sounds familiar, you are not using LTL freight shipping.

You should never have to rent the whole 53 foot trailer just to ship one or two pallets and at LTL Freight Shipping we completely understand your needs. In order to help you cut your shipping costs we have created a network of transportation companies that specialize in taking smaller loads from companies just like yours delivering them to places that the big name companies will not go anywhere near. Our carriers are willing to do this at rates that you can easily afford.

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