Does LTL Freight Shipping Require Special Packing?

As the shipping manager for your company, a part of your job is taking your LTL freight and getting it ready to ship. As with most forms of shipping, you are going to find that most LTL freight companies accept three standard forms of packaging. First and foremost you can palletize your freight by stacking the boxes on a pallet and shrink wrap them all in place.

Next you can build a custom crate for the item or items you are shipping, the crate can then be built onto or around a pallet to make it easier to move around. Lastly you can put everything into a cardboard box and hope for the best as this type of packaging does not lend itself to much in the way of protection. If you find you need more information on packing your freight, contact LTL Freight Shipping and we will put you in touch with a shipper that can help you.

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