Why Does My LTL Freight Take Longer To Deliver?

If your company happens to use a variety of shipping methods, you have probably noticed that out of all of them, your LTL freight seems to take the longest time to arrive at its final destination. While this is not always the case, you have noticed that it seems to happen more often than not and you are probably wondering why this is happening to your shipments.

When you ship LTL freight, it is likely to be transferred from one truck to another on its way to the final destination. The further the distance the more transfers may be made. The LTL trucking companies available from LTL Freight Shipping will do this because each truck that it is carried by may only be going a part of the way and your freight may even end up sitting in a warehouse temporarily waiting for a truck to take it on the next leg of the journey. The speed of your delivery depends solely on the number of transfers and how quickly it makes the right connections.

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