Do LTL Companies Make Money and If So How Do They Do It?

Since LTL companies haul nothing but smaller loads for many different companies, you might wonder how they make any money. What you are going to find is that in many cases these companies make more money than FTL or Full Truck Load companies. They do this by carrying multiple shipments each of which is paying freight to a similar destination instead of a single customer paying for the entire truck. These small shipments typically add up to more than a single shipment.

LTL Companies Haul Freight for Any Size of Business

When you own a small to medium businesses, this ability to make smaller shipments to a variety of customers at affordable prices can mean the difference between making a profit and going out of business. If you need to find LTL companies to handle your shipments, contact us and let us connect you with companies that are in your area and are more than willing to work with you to get your loads delivered to where they need to go.

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