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Ltl Carriers

LTL carriers provide freight shipping for customers that need to move merchandise, inventory and products from one location to another. LTL means less than truckload and these types of shipments are normally too large for the traditional common carriers to handle, yet too small to make up an entire truckload. Companies could pay for an entire truckload shipment, and only have part of the truck filled, but this is costly and shipping expenses can quickly grow out of control.LTL carriers provide a better solution by combining LTL shipments of several companies needing use of partial truckload shipping services. These carriers work to co-ordinate to combine shipments to make a full truckload. By having a full truckload, even though it may be going to different delivery addresses in the destination city, the carriers are able to get a discounted rate for their customers and save them money on the LTL shipments.There are several major freight shipping companies that specialize in LTL shipments, but it can often be difficult to establish relationships with all of them in order to have more frequent shipments.

In these cases there are LTL carriers that work more like a broker in arranging the shipment of a customer’s freight, provide tracking information, and confirming delivery. All the customer has to do is go online, log into their account and they can easily track their shipments.For special LTL shipments there are options available for home pick-ups, home deliveries, trade show pick-ups, trade-show deliveries and even lift trucks available. LTL carriers may charge an additional fee for some of these options. Customers should make sure to provide accurate information when inquiring about shipping costs such as weight, freight class and any special needs. LTL carriers handle LTL freight shipments that are usually less than 6 pallets or weighs less than 10,000 pounds. LTL shipments are normally moved from terminal to terminal and special arrangements can be made to move freight from terminal to business, business to business, terminal to home, home to home, and business to home. Some carriers will also offer complete truckload shipping options for customers that occasionally have complete truckloads.

LTLFreightShipping,, is a LTL carrier that offers great rates to its customers because it has established relationships with over 40 nationally recognized carriers. Their customers vary from those that ship freight only once to customers that move over 100 LTL freight shipments a week. They offer a simple web interface for repeat customers to access their personal account to generate quotes, as well as schedule and track all of their shipments. LTLFreightShipping is located in Austin, TX and was founded as a result of the painful process and headache of logistics of having to move LTL freight by a single business. LTLFreightShipping was able to establish numerous relationships for their customers with LTL carriers to create a process that is transparent and allows them to focus on their customers. As a result of these established relationships, LTLFreightShipping is also able to pass substantial savings along to their customers as well as provide similar savings for full truckload freight shipping services.

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