Can We Really Count on LTL Carriers to Get the Job Done?

If you have been thinking of switching over to using LTL carriers to handle your shipping and are worried about their reliability, you need not worry. Most companies worry that their freight could end up sitting in a warehouse for days. While your freight may end up sitting for a few days during its transit to your customers, this is normal as it will end up going from one truck to another on its way.

LTL Carriers Often Use Multiple Trucks

This is the way the LTL Carriers operate as each shipment will be loaded on a truck at pick up time that is loaded with freight headed in the same basic direction as yours. On the way it may have to be switched an number of times and even sit in a warehouse for a short time, but it will still make its way to the final destination in a reasonable amount of time. We work with some of the best LTL carriers in the country to move your freight from your shipping dock to your customers as quickly as possible.

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