The Average LTL Shipment Carrier Can Save You Money and Help the Planet

As you look at the ever increasing cost of everything you do, including your shipping, you have a unique opportunity to save money and do your part to reduce energy consumption. If your freight shipments are typically less than six pallets, you should be using an LTL shipment carrier. It simply does not make sense to hire an entire truck and pay the costs for it and the fuel needed to run it.

Save Fuel and Money Using an LTL Shipment Carrier

When you make arrangements for an LTL shipment, your load will be added to those from other companies and be used to make up a full load. The average truck is going to get approximately the same fuel mileage whether it is half full or fully loaded, so your load when combined with others you are saving fuel and still getting it to where it needs to go. We can help to coordinate your LTL shipments nationwide so that we can help you save money on your shipping needs.

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